Q: Are you a Chinese site?

A: Totally NO. I’m not Chinese and I don’t have any connection with their sites.

Q: How long can I get the download link after purchase?

A1: You can get access to the download link as soon as you finish purchase (Most of the time it takes only few minutes until we complete your order, the link is also sent to your email).

A2: Sometimes all staff members are busy or resting, so in worst case it could take up to 12 hours.

Q: I can’t access my purchased download link?

A: Please email me with your order number to resolve.

Q: How to Bypass Mega Download Limit?

A: You can use this software for unlimited mega download: MEGA Link Downloader

Q: I can’t open a video file?

A: I recommend you to install “VLC Player” or “K-Lite Kodec Pack” – They allow you to open every video formats.

Q: Do you trade / exchange dvds?

A: No. I don’t trade or exchange dvds.

Q: I can’t find the product that I’m looking for on the site. Can I request?

A: Yes, you can request for specific products you would like to purchase. Just contact us via an email to magictut001@gmail.com with your requests or use the ‘Contact us‘ form. We will do our best to get this product on our store.

Q: How do I find the download Links of my purchased products?

A1: The download links will be sent to your e-mail. So please check also your spam/Junk folder of your e-mail account, if you cannot find the download links in your e-mail.

A2: You can also login to MagicTut.Net and go to “MY ACCOUNT” then press on “Downloads” and you ‘ll see all the download Links of all purchased products.

Q: Why can’t I contact you?

A: I have received a number of emails with the mail name is @company.com.br or @domain.com. Please use email @gmail.com or @yahoo.com, @hotmail.com to contact me. I cannot email you.