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Psychic Surgery by Aaron Alexander (Perform Invisible Surgery on Strangers) - YouTube

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You walk up to a complete stranger and ask if they want to play a game. Then, in just moments—and saying almost nothing—you take control of their body.

No sleights, no scripts, no complex moves, no hypnotic language, no deception. It is exactly what it looks like.

You’re ‘operating’ on a stranger, while they’re wide awake.

Taking out ligaments, bones – and filling their arm with bricks. It now feels heavy.

You fill their arm with a “steel bar” and now they can’t bend it.

You then put in a microchip and show them how your arm and theirs move in perfect harmony. As if they were one.

What is Psychic Surgery?… And can you do it?

“Psychic Surgery instantly became my favourite go-to magical moment. You achieve in seconds what hypnotists can take 10 minutes to get. It’s astonishing. And the best part… it’s just a jumping-off point to much more!”
– James Brown

You may watch this trailer and dismiss it as pre-show. We can assure you it’s not.

You may watch it and assume it’s dual reality. It’s not. They feel it.

You may see the impossible and assume that it could only look that good under hypnosis. But there are no inductions here… And there is no special language used. Psychic Surgery works in any language.

What Aaron is about to share with you is his new approach. A new way of thinking about magic.

The routine will feel risky to some and not fit everyone’s style, but for those who take the risk, the rewards will be huge.
This is not a ‘trick’, it is a full routine that becomes a mini-course in creating genuine magical feats using just your mind and the mind of someone else…

Anytime, anywhere, forever.

This is Psychic Surgery. Exclusive to Ellusionist.com and available to learn immediately after purchase.