Alan Alfredo Marchese and Aprendemagia – THE CARD INTO THE EGG


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We present a great idea that after a long time finally comes to light. The original idea and the basis of this effect are from Dr. Elliot, which thanks to the genial mind of Alan Alfredo Marchese is improved and taken to a totally higher level.

Imagine that the spectator merely names any card from a deck of 52 cards — a totally free selection. It is then removed from a normal deck and shown to the public.

The spectator places the card in the middle of the deck, and he then holds the deck (this is kept all the time in their hands).

The magician shows a group of eggs from which the spectator selects one of them. Now, say some magical words, and the card that was merely THOUGHT OF, that had been placed in the deck by the spectator, has now disappeared!

The best and most impressive part is that the magician breaks open the selected egg, and inside it appears the selected card!

This is one of several alternatives that allows you to do miracles with this incredible effect. It is also a very powerful tool that will help you to leave your audience’s mouths open.

THE CARD INTO THE EGG includes everything that is necessary to present this true miracle. The only thing that you have to provide are the cards, which can be those of your preference. It adapts to almost all of the playing cards that are available on the market.

Now you are one step away from doing something impossible, thanks to THE CARD INTO THE EGG by Alan Alfredo Marchese.