Alex Ng – Super Lemon



Super Lemon is a signature routine that Alex Ng has been performing for over nine years. Based on an original concept from Florian Severin’s book (“What Lies Inside” published by Vanishing Inc.), Super Lemon creates a mind-bending experience for your audience.

You first casually ask your spectator to name a random fruit. Regardless of what they say, you proceed to take out a lemon and perform a lemon trick. With just a lemon and a knife, you invite everyone in the room to participate in a game of imagination.

Within the entire process, everyone is convinced and swears you are holding a lemon and a knife. But as the routine continues, it is revealed that the knife and the fruit have magically morphed into a fork and a yellow paper ball, causing the spectators to question what they just witnessed.

As the kicker-ending, you open the paper ball, and what’s written inside, is the SPECTATOR’S RANDOMLY-NAMED FRUIT. A shocking ending for a visual mentalism opener!