Andre Cretian – Poker Chip Magic Transpo 2.0


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After more than ten years, of the “Poker Chip Magic Transpo”, one of his first releases,
Andre Cretian bring us the new version 2.0.
where two casino poker chips, one red and one green, swap their positions three times,
in a truly astonishing way, the last one in the spectator’s hand.
At the end, the chips can be given to the
spectators to examine.

Of course with this material many other
routines are possible.

These chips are handcrafted with top quality materials.

“There are very few magicians who analize
the concept of each effect so that it can be
professionally executed.
Andre Cretian, is one of them and I am happy to own all the effects that he makes with a lot of art and love.
I sincerely recommend them.”