Apollo Riego – POP! + ARCA


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“I would definitely add these to my repertoire!” -Doug Edwards

“That is really good!” -Xavior Spade

Apollo Riego has released several effects on the market and the A.R.C.A. Project is one of his most ambitious releases to date! This download includes 5 incredibly VISUAL coin routines that you can perform for live or virtual audiences! Get your coins ready for Apollo Riego’s Coin Artifice Project!

321 – 123: Three coins vanish one at a time and visually reappear one at a time!

Lickety Splits: A super visual coin splitting routine!*

ARCA: Your audience will hear and see coins jumping from your hand into a card case! This audio-visual coins across is the first of its kind and was featured in Genii Magazine back in 2015!

Typical Coins Across: Three ordinary coins jump from one hand to another!

Midas Coins Across: Apollo’s favorite coins across! Each coin VISUALLY jumps from one hand to the other while the hand stays open! The closer will leave your spectators in awe as the last coin appears in their very own hand!*

*A coin gimmick is required for effects with an asterisk. Here’s a hint…turtle.