Chappy Brazil – The Watch Steal Video


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The Watch Steal VideoArtist(s): Chappy Brazil, Charles BachRunning Time(s): n/aAlso Available in PAL Format: yes This Broadcast Quality video that shows you how to steal any type of watch – and give it back as part of a magic presentation! Chappy Brazil and illusionist Charles Bach show you step-by-step how to remove and return the watch, routines to lead into the steal, how to practice and much more! Not only is this tape the best video source available on how to steal watch – it`s the only one! Finally, a true expert at the art of the steal has committed his secrets to video for us all to watch and learn. Here`s what top echelon performers have to say about this tape – `I`ve always wanted to know how to steal a watch. And now, thanks to this video, I have!` – Lance Burton. `If you`re tired of passing up the watches that you can`t take, then this video is for you.` – Jonathan Pendragon. `The Rolex steal alone is worth the price of the tape. Buy it and get rich!` – Jeff McBride