Chris Rawlins – One Card Poker


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“Chris lectured here in NC recently and fooled the room with this. I bought his notes on it for 2x the price of the Penguin download and am very happy with it. Easy to do, and some great thinking in the routine.”Kevin Reylek

“There is a very short list of card effects which get great reactions, AND seem incredibly skillful, AND are incredibly easy to execute. One Card Poker just joined that list.”Tom Cutts

“I have fooled so many really great magicians with this trick. Because they didn’t realize THEY were doing all the work for me.”Chris Rawlins

Get everyone involved, they do all the work. Get them excited to win a game. Then completely blown away at the quadruple coincidence that just happened. This is an easy-to-learn reputation maker you will turn to for the rest of your life. No tricky moves and infinitely adaptable to whatever your presentation style and stage character are.