Colin Mcleod – Psycho


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This is quite possibly the routine I’m most well known for today. My ability to predict a series of events with a coin being hidden in someone’s hands.

But it didn’t start there. So much came before it and now, after years of honing it, there is so much still to share.

I’ll teach the psychology on how to perform this routine on stage. I’ll then go on to explain how to perform it close up and in TV environments to ensure it’s utterly deceptive and always sure-fire.

Furthermore, I’m going to teach you how to do this with zero electronics and completely impromptu for those occasions when you find yourself caught with nothing to do.

THIS will become your new go-to sequence as it’s something you can keep on you at all times without the need to carry anything with you other than your mobile phone.

I’m about to teach the entire journey of this technique’s creation, how I’ve moulded it and how you can shape it to benefit you in ways that will suit your style and character perfectly.

You no longer need fancy electronics. I’m going to strip this principle back to its core as I share never before seen footage to dissect every aspect of it’s execution.