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“Photomind is great! It’s fun, fast and enables you to perform an incredible piece of mind reading at a moments notice.” -Peter Turner

“You know, I am not one for using smart phones too much in mentalism. That is really not my thing. But I enjoyed your new effects and think they can certainly be very entertaining and mystifying if presented properly and skillfully. This information can especially be very handy for impromptu demonstrations when you want to do something different and impressive on the spot. Almost everyone has a phone these days, so you can always be ready. My congratulations to you, Gustavo! “ -Richard Osterlind

“Gustavo did a great job here! This is a very clever way to reveal people thoughts with any phone. And the beauty that is not an app, so this mean that you will use the spectator’s phone! I will use this for sure!” -Luca Volpe – The Italian Mentalist

“A sweet, clean and easy to learn method for ‘any photo from any iphone.’ This just made telefoto personal!” -Anthony Jacquin

Every now and then, we see mental effects being done with cell phones, but they’re either done with the mentalist’s phone or they have serious limitations in terms of choice. Vierini came up with a devious method that creates a sense of fairness with real freedom of choice, that can leave your audience with a strong feeling that you can see what is inside their minds! -Daniel Prado

“Quite a surprising effect with no special apps or gimmicks. Just pure bold mentalism that can definitely be a killer when performed with a good timing and showmanship. As a stage performer I can definitely see its use for even larger routines. I really enjoyed the principle behind it. Also perfect for street perfomance as it is completely impromptu and ready to perform anytime, anywhere. All you need is a person with a smartphone! Very clever indeed.” -João Blumel

“No wonder they call you the Brazilian Uri Geller, because you are one of the best mentalists in Brazil” -Uri Geller

Gustavo Vierini is a Brazilian Magician/Mentalist/Hypnotist who loves to bring to the spectators an incredible experience of mind reading, telekinesis and mind influencing.

On this project he shows how to hack into the people`s mind divining not only a picture selected at random, but also an Instagram user, chosen randomly, by anyone, anywhere at anytime.

Imagine approaching a spectator and asking for their mobile telephone, then they pick any user at random and also a picture. After that they crush down the app and the Mentalist is able to describe the picture, find the user and show the picture for them. It is MIND BLOWING.

PhotoMind can be performed anytime, anywhere. There is no gimmicks or apps at all and can be done with ios or android.

This is an incredible effect that you can not only blown people`s mind but also an interesting way to get new followers on Instagram.