Higpon – Sonic Wave


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Minimum movement, ultra fast coin sleights, penetration, transform, and vanishes!

Sonic Wave is a very practical and visual coin sleight of hands, with minimum movement and at ultra fast speed.
The small movement will be almost impossible to see from the spectators.
There are no gimmicks involved.
You can perform it on the spot.

The technique is fairly easy to learn.
You can perform it while sitting down as well as standing up.

The technique will have a wide range of ability to apply into penetration, transforming, and vanishing coins.
In this DVD you will learn the basic principle to in-depth handlings from 11 techniques.

– The Basic Principle for Sonic Wave
– Penetration 1 – Coin Through Cardbox Cellophane 1
– Penetration 2 – Coin Through Cardbox Cellophane 2
– Penetration 3 – Coin Through Plastic Bottle
– Penetration 4 – Coin Through Glass
– Transform 1 – 10 Yen Coin to 100 Yen Coin
– Transform 2 – Coin to Ring
– Transform 3 – Poker Chip to Chinese Coin
– Vanish 1 – Coin Vanish 1
– Vanish 2 – Coin Vanish 2
– Vanish 3 – Coin Vanish 3
– Coin Appearance
– Sonic Wave Advice (How to Improve Angles)

The minimum movement will allow you to perform naturally.
Several of the techniques will be able to apply to other applications.
Can be performed without preparation.
Wide angle and very practical.