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At the beginning, the audience was asked to confirm that each key corresponds to each lock, so even if the audience doubts, the audience can also be checked. The key or lock that is not selected cannot be opened. In the past, there was a lock corresponding to many keys, and then the magician or the audience selected the key corresponding to the lock, which was often a telepathic part. But Lockey can achieve the following effects:

1. Prophecy (the magician first selects the key as a prophecy, predicts the lock that the audience will choose soon), this is the magic that the previous lock did not have, and cannot do it

2. You can play a gambling game with the audience, ask the audience to choose a key and give it to the magician, and then own 4 keys, then choose a lock to lock the box full of money, and then the magician’s key can be opened, and the audience won’t open, and the magician wins.

3. It can also be applied to multiple audiences, such as between friends or couples. The boy chooses the key first, the girl chooses the lock to lock the ring, and then can actually open it and bring the ring back to the girl. There are many more application effects, which are impossible to do before the magic lock, magicians can use Lockey to make a lot of processes and applications

Lockey also has the following characteristics:

1. Easy to complete
2. Perform anytime, anywhere
3. No angle restrictions
4.100% hit
5. Any props can be checked
6. Very many application processes
7. Brand new lock and key magic
8. Break the traditional rules (choose the key first and then the lock)

This is the magic workshop of booze … “Lockey