Ian Hamilton – The Lockdown Project


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In this download I am going to teach you step by step how to create a multi camera setup for virtual interactive streaming shows.

Using free software available on the internet and cameras you already own but probably didnt know you could use. You can create a professional looking setup ready to stream in your favourite platform.

I’ll teach you to make a professional countdown timer and even a remote control to control everything at the touch of a button.

Combined with sections on lighting ,sound options and backdrops you will have everything you need to start performing a virtual interactive magic show so your only problem will be which tricks you want to include

” If you have been wanting to get into doing virtual shows but have felt overwhelmed with how to make it professional, you need this! This is the type of information a pro would sell you for hundreds and hundreds of dollars and you would be thanking them. When Ian told me the price of this, I gasped! ” – Madison Adams Hagler

“Ian has created a comprehensive guide to setting up and using software to maximise the impact on your online videos, these instructions have saved me hours of research and saved me from making loads of mistakes . These videos are great, concise and to the point.”.- Wayne Goodman

“I wouldn’t be this far along if it wasn’t for your help in finding stuff and setting up the software. No more having to wade through YouTube videos to find reliable information, no more having to read page after page of a website instructions to get to the meat. It’s all there, thanks Ian “. – Jamie Owens