Larry Hass – My Way Out of this World


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“My go-to method for astonishing audiences in the real world.”Larry Hass

“A version of out of this world with a shuffle and borrowed deck? Yes, finally is possible! Thanks Larry for this gem!”Luca Volpe

“Larry has cleverly combined ideas from Paul Curry, Harry Lorayne, and Gary Ouellet in order to bring you an anytime, anywhere, out of this world card trick!”Cody S. Fisher

Out Of This World is a classic plot that always stuns an audience. Larry Hass has taken a collection of clever and subtle techniques and combined them into a sleight free masterpiece worthy of his Borrowed Card Stunners. Not only can the deck be borrowed, but it can be fairly shuffled by the audience. It doesn’t even need to be a full deck. Best of all, there are no packet switches, sleight of hand, or confusing moments. This is My Way Out Of This World by Larry Hass.

Here’s what happens:

A deck of cards is fairly shuffled by the audience. Then the four aces are taken out and laid on the table to be indicator cards. First, the magician removes cards at random and the audience tells them to place the removed cards in the red pile or the black pile. For the second phase, no one looks at the cards as the audience randomly places those cards in the red or black pile. The balance of the deck is set aside, and when the piles are turned over all the cards are astonishingly found to be sorted into the correct pile.

Larry Hass has been working to create a series of card tricks that can be done with a borrowed deck, and still create powerful moments of magic. As the Dean of Jeff McBride’s Mystery School, Larry is no stranger to powerful magic. My Way Out Of This World is not only easy to do, but also a magician fooler. Larry has combined some of the most subtle and yet effective techniques in the OOTW plot to create a true borrowed card stunner.