Larry Hass – Pure Magic


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“Larry’s presentation and attention to detail ratchets up the wow factor to 11.”Cameron Francis

“Steinmeyer brought us the 9-card PROBLEM and Hass has turned it into the 9-card SOLUTION! This is the best version of that trick I have ever seen!”Cody S. Fisher

Larry Hass is the dean of the McBride School of Mystery and was a student of Eugene Burger for years. As a result, he understands powerful presentations and how they can forge relationships with the audience. With his borrowed card stunners series, he has developed presentations for a number of nearly self-working card tricks that use almost no sleight of hand and can be performed with any borrowed deck of cards. Larry has updated a Jim Steinmeyer effect to create a real connection with his audience, and the result is Pure Magic.

Here’s what happens:

A borrowed deck of cards is thoroughly shuffled and two packets of cards are dealt to the table. A card from one of the packets is remembered, and then both packets are combined and mixed through a series of decisions by the magician and the audience. At the end of the mixing process, the selected card is discovered on top of the packet of cards.

Larry has added subtlety and nuance, as well as interesting psychological elements to make this effect play for his audiences, a valuable lesson for any performer. This self-working trick is one of Larry’s go-to effects because it is Pure Magic.