Laurent Villiger – SNAPPER


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Everyone knows a way to change wrong prediction to the good one. But most of the methods required flaps, thread, magnets,… and once your gimmick broke you have to buy an other one.

Here with Snapper you have the most easiest gimmick for this kind of effect!
You will be able to make your own gimmick in less than 5 minutes and you have all the necessary material at home.

– The gimmick is very easy to make.
– No magnet, thread, flap, weight,…
– Multiple applications.
– The gimmick is completely invisible.
– Easy to use

The explanations are very easy to follow (no language but some points/notes in english).

Basics are required (DL, force, control,…).

Learn the basic effect (seen in the trailer) + 2 other effects + tips.