Max Maven – Rainbow Matrix


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“This is THE BEST approach to the number matrix – ever. Max’s method eliminates a problem with the classic approach and does it in a way that makes the entire process more visual, engaging and surprising. A must.”Michael Weber

“Rainbow Matrix is a wonderful number prediction from the Color Series of Metalism with some excellent additions and tips that even those familiar with the now classic text will want to know about, especially the bonus version with playing cards, which features a particularly pleasing outcome.”Jared Kopf

“This is Max’s version of the “Matrix Force”, much better than the “original” if you know it. You learn several versions and applications, even using playing cards if you wish too! And alone the addition of being able to learn how to create a forcing grid “on the fly” is worth much more than what you pay for it. That’s a real bargain!”Jan Forster

In these strange new times, magicians and mentalists are exploring new conditions. Shows are performed from afar, using Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, and other technologies. Creating amazement within often restrictive conditions can be quite a challenge.

Fortunately, you’ve got a guide who has been exploring these strange territories for many years. MAX MAVEN began pioneering interactive magic over forty years ago, and he has put that experience to work for you, by devising powerful routines that connect to audiences through a virtual reality. Take your journey into the virtual space with Rainbow Matrix.

Here’s what happens:

The audience requires no props. The performer displays a simple chart showing numbers, and some colored markers or crayons are used to select several numbers at random. This can be done for one person, or involve choices from up to six people. It all seems beyond control, yet the outcome is predicted. And there’s bonus material: a formula by which you can use this system to yield any total, and a long-buried secret version using a deck of cards that’ll blow your mind.

Rainbow Matrix is apart of the Virtual Visions series, in which you will learn 6 tested, practical routines. There are no elaborate gimmicks. There’s no pre-show, or private conversation with one spectator in order to fool the others. Nothing is mailed ahead. These effects can be performed for a single person, or a large virtual audience. As a special bonus if you buy all six together, you’ll get them for a special price, plus receive an extra video, in which Max Maven recounts the History of Virtual Magic. You’ll be startled by some of this information, which puts so much into perspective. This talk is only available if you order the complete set.