Ngoc Tu – The Whirlwind


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The Whirlwind Change is a perfect color change. impromptu, angel proof, visual and silent. It can be performed even when you are being surrounded. Whirlwind Change can be used to force or to switch a card. You can apply this change to many routines and many more other tricks, and the only limitation is your imagination.
In this download, I attached some basic ideas that you can start off with:

1. Candy Factory: A visual card production. A new way to produce any four of a kind.
2. Boomerang: a transportation effect that you can do with a borrowed and shuffled deck of card.
3. 4A01: a new plot of magic. You can perform this as a quick trick if spectators are in doubt that you are using double-lift. Or you can perform a full routine just like I do. It is up to you.
4. Torn & Restore: A visual torn&restore effect, the restored card can be examined