Nick Popa – Hand Drawn



“It feels like a real life Cartoon! I can’t believe my eyes, everything just looks like CGI” – Jeki Yoo

“Hand drawn is the most exciting release this year. The first time I saw this trick my draw literally hit the floor! Honestly if you could really do magic this is what you would do! I know that Hand Drawn will become a part of my EDC for life. It’s awesome!!” – Craig Petty

“Wow! I didn’t think the “Double Cross” concept could get any better! This has taken that plot to a hyper visual level!” – Derek Ostovani

“Hand Drawn is a game changer in the world of moving ink effects, Nick has put in the work to make this effect practical enough for beginners and pros alike!” – John Shack

Animate a drawing on your hand. Draw an X on your palm with a permanent marker, and then astonish your audiences as that very same X crawls across your hand as though it were alive. Bring your ink to life with Hand Drawn by Nick Popa.

Here’s what happens:

The performer removes a permanent marker from their pocket. They draw a dot, an X, or even a heart on the palm of their hand. The drawing then, slowly and visually, crawls across the performer’s palm. There is no cover and no funny movements. The performer then plucks the drawing off their hand and transfers it to their arm or their wrist. The audience can even check to make sure that the ink is actually drawn onto the performer’s skin.

This incredible effect happens with no cover, no special chemicals, and no difficult sleight of hand. The Hand Drawn gimmick comes with three standard shapes that you can animate on your hand. Nick even teaches you a bonus handling to combine Hand Drawn with the popular Double Cross Gimmick so that after the drawing animates on your hand, you can vanish the drawing and make it appear on your spectator’s palm. Once you’ve completed the one-time setup, you’ll be able to perform Hand Drawn any time you want. This is one of the most visual moving ink effects you can perform on your own skin. Have your art go for a stroll across the palm of your hand with Hand Drawn by Nick Popa.