Panky – X BALL


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“It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

X-Ball is not only a new gimmick, but it is also a REVOLUTIONARY breakthrough! Over two years of research and development went into this advancement of the Multiplying Billiard Ball effect.

X-Ball has created new possibilities to perform near-impossible effects with standard Multiplying Billiard Balls.

X-Ball is a precision-made metal gimmick that allows you to show the front and back of the shell as a complete ball at all times. You can change the color of the ball completely while showing the front and back of the ball, before and after.

X-Ball gimmick will work with 1.75 inch (45mm) standard manipulation billiard balls. You need to provide your own billiard balls.

Watch X-Ball performed by international award-winning magician, Bond Lee to see the many extremely visual effects made possible by X Ball.

Available in White or Red.