Paul Draper – Virtual Stage Management for Virtual Performance


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Magician and Mentalist Paul Draper and Stage Manager Scix Maddix have presented 100s of virtual online shows on multiple streaming platforms, for audiences all over the world, from The Magic Castle to children’s birthday parties to massive corporate events for thousands of participants.

Now they present for you the exclusive secrets of building an incredibly successful theatrical partnership and having the technical and performance support of a stage manager in the brand-new and ever-growing medium of virtual events. In this 90-minute lecture, you will learn how to become a professional virtual stage manager or how to train one who will bring polish, quality, and audience engagement to your shows, speeches, seminars, and every presentation you are hired to stream.

1) What to Look For in a Stage Manager
2) Technical Requirements
3) Pre-show Setup
4) Moderation During the Show
5) Closing the Show
6) After-Show Debrief
7) Troubleshooting

This video contains all the tools you need to get started working with a stage manager as a powerful team ready to create high-quality, professional performances that you can present to the most discerning audiences, which will undoubtedly bring more audiences to your virtual door!