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“Talk about packs small, plays big… ‘Will to Read’ combines two highly powerful effects together and delivers them in one tiny bundle that will take up next to no space in your wallet. I love it and can’t wait to use it myself!”
– Michael Murray

“This has become my go to ‘impromptu’ mentalism effect!”
– Peter Nardi

“Is there anyway we can stop this from coming out? I want this and I want to be the only one performing it!”
– Marc Spelmann

“At last a Free Will effect that makes sense contextually and with the added bonus that it transitions seamlessly into a compelling piece of mind reading.”
– Atlas Brookings

Will to Read

Have the ability to predict the actions your spectator is about to take!

Steve Dela has created a powerful piece of mentalism that fits neatly into your wallet.

Will to Read contains two powerful “mind reading” effects. Combine them together and you can produce a full “hard hitting” routine. Now add your BIP Book and you have an entire act!

Three objects (pen, card and coin) are placed on a table.
Your spectator places one in their pocket, keeps hold of another and passes one to you.
Even though every decision is super fair, you proceed to reveal, that, the exact location of each object has been previously predicted ahead of time within the “torn out page” of a book.

If that wasn’t enough, you can then ask your spectator to simply think of ANY word from either side of the page. Then, with NO questions asked, you can start to reveal it letter by letter. Once they confirm the 4th letter in a row, you proceed to tell them the entire word!

– The torn out page can be in full view the entire time
– No switches necessary
– Spectator can hold the prediction
– Every choice is super fair
– Always 100% correct
– No flaps, just one piece of paper
– No moving parts, nothing to break
– Fits neatly into your everyday wallet
– Everything is included to perform straight away
– BONUS… includes “All About Eve” (1 page book test)
– BONUS… BIP Book reveals also built in!

Comes complete with:
– Custom designed and printed gimmicks
– Full “in depth” training DVD, complete with routines, handlings and variations by Steve Dela and Peter Nardi