Tango – Remote Miracle


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“Absolutely genius! Perfect trick to perform over Skype/zoom” – Shin Lim

“Love It!” – Charlie Frye

“Remote Miracle is exactly as the title says… a way to remotely perform an easy borrowed, shuffled-deck mindreading miracle. This effect is based on an old hidden secret that is not widely known or used. It really packs a punch. When Marcelo performed it for me over Facetime it completely fooled me. When I found out how it was done, I was surprised at how easy it is. Recommended.” – Tim Trono

“Sincerely, I don’t like this trick. It blowed my mind so badly that I’m still recovering the pieces of my brain stuck on the wall. Armando de Miguel

“It has both wonderful and unbelievable conditions. Magic happens without touching the deck, you can even do it by Zoom or Video call. I loved the effect when I saw it for first time, but it completely blew my mind when Marcelo told me the method after pleasantly fooling me!” – Henry Evans

“It is great! Marcelo did this fantastic effect to me 10,000 km away and it was like it happened a few cm from my eyes. Just amazing!” – Antonio Romero, FISM invention winner.

“Tango’s ultimate trick to bust minds… from a distance.” – Agustin Soy Rada Aristaran

“Tango’s method is so clever and deceptive… it’s impossible to crack!” – Juan Pablo Ibanez

A mindreading card miracle you can do remotely from across the room or across the world. Your spectators supply their own decks. They shuffle the deck. They cut off a portion of cards, shuffle them, and think of one of the cards. Those cards are cut, and the thought-of card is lost. You don’t see the faces of any of the cards. The cards are buried in the deck. The deck is split into several piles. You go through and eliminate a few piles until they see their card. You immediately reveal their thought-of card as they deal down through the cards they hold. Sound impossible? It looks impossible. It will fool you.

Here are a few important points:

You can do this remotely in person or over a virtual platform such as Zoom or Facetime.

There are no key cards.

The deck can be a borrowed, shuffled deck.

There is no math.

There are no gimmicks.

There is no preparation.

An old method but brought up to date. It’s one you will most likely do not know.

This is very easy to learn. You will do it immediately after watching the instructions.

This is as close to real mindreading as it gets with a deck of cards.

Note: Remote Miracle is based on a very old, hidden concept explored by John Scarne, Edward Marlo, Harry Lorayne, Jerry Sadowitz and others. Marcelo has has unearthed this and brings it to the virtual world.