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The magician first shows a bottle filled with a beverage, along with a “transparent straw.” Then, when the audience expects the magician to place the straw into the drink, they are surprised – it begins sucking up the liquid while held in the air, not the bottle! And, the liquid in the bottle gradually decreases! When the magician finishes the drink, he can temporarily freeze the drink in the straw, and then slowly allow it to flow out.

Finally, the magician can magically produce an OREO chocolate!

Both aspects of the straw look incredible – it filling up, and the glass or bottle’s liquid level decreasing.

The product features include:

  • Perform in a 360-degree angle if needed
  • Any drink can be used
  • You can open your mouth and show that the drink is really in your mouth
  • Easy to clean
  • Is self-controlled
  • Can be repeated immediately
  • Not consumable

The whole set includes:

  • Special props
  • Transparent straw
  • Special drink cup
  • Instructional video

This is… Readily Available by ZF & Himitsu Magic