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In “See-Thru Psychometry,” Alexander Marsh will teach you one of the best kept secrets from Lee Earle’s Syzygy.

In this full ten minute act , which fits in the smallest of pockets; you will learn how to divine which item belongs to each of your chosen participants, as well as provide specific details about each item. All while blindfolded.

Five clear bags are handed out to five members of your audience (you can also do this close up, but we’ll come back to that…). They are instructed to put a personal item in their bag and seal it up – But not until you’re blindfolded.

Each of these bags is collected by a helper from the audience, who comes to join you on stage.

One by one, you reveal which item belongs to each member of the audience, by playing a game of ‘psychic’ Marco Polo. As you deliver each item back to it’s rightful owner, you can reveal eerily specific details about the item – watch the full performance in video two above to see the kind of things Alex reveals during his act!

What about close up performers? Not only will Alexander teach you the parlour/stage version, he also discusses doing this close up, you could use small items like rings or driver’s licenses, even business cards with drawings on them! As long as you have more than one person in front of you, this will work beautifully!

This is a secret that you can learn and understand fully in just a few minutes, but it’s one of those secrets that will stay with you always.

You will forever know a powerful method, which takes just a few moments to set up.

See Thru Psychometry can become a feature in your act, or save you from embarrassment when your bags get lost, or you can’t perform your standard act for whatever reason.

This is GOLD, and gives you the freedom to perform a mind-blowing mental miracle in whichever way you choose.

Download it now, and learn it instantly!