Dani DaOrtiz – Borrowed Deck Miracles



Miracle One

Perform a full show with borrowed playing cards.

A good magician should always be prepared for any situation. This is why magic EDCs are such a popular topic in magic forums. Magicians want to know the best everyday carry magic tricks they can always have on them just in case an opportunity to perform arises.

What would you do though if you needed to perform at a time when you weren’t prepared? Knowing a few easy sleight of hand tricks might help you kill a few minutes at a dinner party. But, what if you really needed to impress a room of people and you left your magic case at home or the airline lost it in transit?

Dani DaOrtiz has the perfect solution. “Borrowed Deck Miracles” is his new impromptu magic show that uses nothing more than some ordinary decks of playing cards.

Enjoy this more than 2.5 hour download dedicated solely to amazing card magic that can be done with shuffled decks in use (aka FASDIU). Beyond the core methods, Dani explores in great detail how he is able to perform all the dirty work right in front of his audience without them ever suspecting a thing. As the methods often require a psychological component over a heavily technical one, this material is approachable for all different skill levels.

Contents of “Borrowed Deck Miracles”

Ambitious Piles
A wildly fair, hands-off Amibitous Card style effect in which the spectators are allowed to chaotically mix the cards themselves. This standout effect is sure to be a favorite.

Imaginary Brainwave
A fun effect in which the spectator shuffles the deck under the table and then blindly takes a card and turns it face up in the middle. Impossibly, it matches a perfect prediction.

Double Deck Match
A playing card reversed under the table by a spectator perfectly matches a card selected by another spectator.

Double Deck Match Topped
The rapid fire, back-and-forth effect is the perfect follow-up to “Double Deck Match”. Cards seemingly jump to the top and turn over in separate decks of cards your spectator’s hold. The way Dani makes the effect feel fair and hands off is a masterclass in psychology.

Marked Cards
A deceptive and fooling effect in which Dani convinces an entire audience that the deck of cards he borrowed from them is marked with marks only he can see. He impossibly performs an incredible marked deck routine using the normal deck, including a stunning conclusion in which he rapidly names cards as they are cut face down.

Surprise Deck Transpo
Using two borrowed decks, a selected card vanishes from one deck and appears in another.

Double ACAAN
A double-whammy where two different spectators not only end up choosing the same card, but they both appear at the same place in two different decks.

Impromptu Signed Card to Anywhere
Learn the secrets to performing a stunning signed card to impossible location effect in any situation. No crazy props or expensive mystery boxes required.

New tricks. New techniques. New handlings. “Borrowed Deck Miracles” by Dani DaOrtiz is a true treat for all magicians. While you may not always have your favorite magic props, you can always get a couple decks of playing cards from a corner store or borrow them from a friend.

Originally only available to those that attended Dani’s exclusive workshop at Magifest, this borrowed deck masterclass is now available to magicians worldwide.