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Safety First is the way Spike Roulette should look like! It’s a 100% version.
-It’s 100% safe, the only way this could go wrong is if you have a secret enemy working props at your show
-The spike can be 100% examined both immediately before it’s put in the bag and immediately after it’s taken out of the bag
-The bags are 100% empty after the smash. They can be ripped open with no hidden spikes to be seen.

To begin the routine, you can open the flattened paper bags and place the empty blocks into the bags in full view of the audience!

This instructional download will teach you this brand new principle that makes this routine so impactful. Because of some magician’s limited access to some tools, the instructions won’t have an arts and crafts moment showing the making of the props. The props will instead be discussed in detail so you can build your own If you’re able to cut some wood and screw some holes, you can do this! Also, the PDF will be provided giving more detail to where I attained my props.

It is crucial to me that I am transparent with you, the customer. So here are a few key points to be aware of.
-This routine is designed primarily for stage or parlor.
-This newer method requires that no one stands behind the magician, so a 180 degree viewing angle.
-As stated before, DIY is required with basic tools. DIY is also required for each performance but this will only take a minute at most.

This project now comes with two downloadable videos, the standard instructions that run about a half-hour, and a video called “Safety First Summary”. This summary video is a general overview of the effect with only music and subtitles that is around eight minutes.