Diamond Jim Tyler – Pocket Full of Miracles – 2 Vol


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This DVD contains the original volumes 1&2, cramming in 23 of the routines from Diamond Jim’s “sold-out” book. The performance shots were filmed impromptu in a restaurant and at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA. This DVD will teach you some of Diamond Jim’s best work, audience tested, mind blowing effects!

Routines included:

Baseball Diamond
Nimble Corks
Three Burnt Matches
The FBI Trick
Soaring Straw
Invisible Thumbscrews
Animated Cardbox
One Armed Aces
Burning Impression
Trapdoor Coins
Diamond’s Dazzler
Whatever It Takes
Cat & Mouse
The Gunslinger
Comedy Shuffling Routine
The Birthday Bill
Ring & String
Pieces of Eight
Frog Hair
New Age Spellbound