Joshua Jay – Six Impossible Things (Show Only)



For the first time ever, Joshua Jay’s off-Broadway sensation is now available to stream anywhere in the world in stunning 4K.

During its run, Joshua Jay’s Six Impossible Things would sell out months in advance. There were four extensions and, in total, it ran for more than 240 sold-out shows. Every night, guests from around the world would gather outside the unmistakable blue door in New York’s Lower East Side to experience the first-ever truly immersive magic experience.

Six Impossible Things was inspired by Joshua Jay’s desire to help others understand what magic “feels” like. It was not a typical “showcase of tricks”, but rather a one-of-a-kind shared experience in which Josh would not simply perform for the audience. He would instead engage them in a conversation; a surreal guided tour that was truly special.

There was no theater or stage. Guests would instead travel between different rooms watching as a new mystery unfolded to reveal an “impossible” thing.

The show was also shrouded in the mystery of a particularly unique rule. Only 20 tickets were available for each show and anyone who saw it was never allowed to see it again. Until now…

Enjoy a stunning, Netflix-quality production of Six Impossible Things from the comfort of your home. Josh worked directly with the production company to ensure this video captures the spirit of seeing it live as best as possible.

Join Josh on a riveting 60-minute journey down a rabbit hole of wonders that pushes the boundaries of what a magic show can be. Both magicians and non-magicians will be locked to their screens from start to finish.