Marcos Cruz – Soda Perfect


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Now show your prediction in a refreshing way. Marcos Cruz presents his new, original idea, SODA PERFECT. Go outside and show your audience what you can now do!

Audience members choose a card. While they memorize it, tell them to look at the label on the bottle you have in your hands. Shake the bottle and make one or two predictions — the label magically changes into those predictions! Get out of the routine of simply finding their card in the deck – make magic predictions happen with the bottle label!

“It’s an original idea, it’s very good”
Gustavo Raley (Argentina)

“With this effect and the cartomagos have an alternavita of their prediction, very good, congratulations every day you surprise me”
Mago Tramper (Peru)

  • Easy to do
  • Instant reset
  • Visual and magical
  • Ready to use!
  • Includes online instructions.