Michael O’Brien – Tour de Force; The Complete Edition




As seen on Theory11’s Exposé “Rarest of the Rare,” Tour de Force is an in-the-hands Triumph that has been streamlined and simplified so that not only is it easy to perform, but the moves are also extremely natural and virtually undetectable. Michael goes into details on how to perform the Tour de Force Triumph, as well as five variations of the effect, including: a multiple card variation, a sandwiching variation, a table-top handling, a collectors plot, and a new deck order ending, all taught in detail! So sit back, relax, grab a deck and lets get started!

**Effects included**​-Tour de Force: An extremely clean Triumph effect that is performed in the hands. Includes several convincers to prove the deck is indeed mixed face-up and face-down. The effect has been streamlined making it easy to perform and the moves virtually invisible!

-Tour de FOUR-ACE: A 4 card reveal using the “Tour de Force” method. Works with any four-of-a-kind of your choice!

-Croque Monsieur: A sandwiching variation of the “Tour de force” Triumph in which two Jokers find a selected card.

-Neighborhood Watch: A collector’s plot variation of the “Tour de Force” Triumph in which the four kings find 3 chosen selections.

-Tribute to Vernon: A true tribute to the man himself, Dai Vernon. This variation of the “Tour de Force” Triumph is done on the table for anyone who prefers the classic effect!

-Heckler: A version of the “Tour de Force” Triumph in which the entire deck ends up back in “New Deck Order.”

**Reviews and Testimonials**

“This is one of the most practical Triumph routines I’ve seen and well worth learning and adding to your repertoire. This is very highly recommended.” -Paul Romhany, Vanish Magazine

“If you have an appreciation for classic effects, or Triumph in particular, I think you might enjoy this DVD” -Doc Johnson, MyLovelyAssistant

“Michael O’Brien’s collection of Triumph effects brings modern methods to the classic effect. ” -John Wilson, Magic Magazine

“It’s a great in the hands version of the triumph effect.” -Ekaterina

“It’s a very powerful plot in magic. This is a beautiful, simple handling of that effect.” -Exposé, Theory11