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Here’s what people are saying about Bill Malone:

“So entertaining! I laughed the day he was born!” -Bill’s Mom

“Bill Who? I love David Blaine!” – Bill’s Sister, Sue

“Keep your dog off my lawn!” – Bill’s Neighbor

“We love Bill Malone and we do his hair!” – Caluwaert Landscaping

“His shuffles never mix the cards! They look unreal!” – Sherry Frye

“He’s doing what? A lecture on Penguins??? I thought he destroyed those videos!” – Barbara Malone

“Don’t do anything of mine. Never mind, I just remembered, you don’t know how.” – Steve Forte

Who is he?

Bill Malone is one of the most sought-after entertainers in the corporate industry. He performs his hilarious style of magic and comedy at sales meetings, customer events, trade shows and conventions for Fortune 500 companies. He has represented Ford Motor Company throughout the world. He also is a keynote speaker at many events with his talk on “Life’s Stories.” Bill knows how to amaze any audience, but also knows that people love to laugh.

He started his career in magic and comedy in 1976 performing at bars and restaurants throughout the Chicago area. He moved to Southeast Florida where he became one of the co-owners of Houdini’s Pub II, a magic themed bar in Fort Lauderdale featuring himself and other entertainers. Next, he became the resident magician/entertainer at both the famous Breakers Resort in Palm Beach and the five-star, five-diamond Boca Raton Resort & Club.

In 1994, he partnered with the Boca Raton Resort and opened Malone’s Magic Bar, which lasted for 10 years and was hailed as a huge success by corporate visitors from all over the country.

His magic and ideas are published in books, magazines, and periodicals throughout the world. He has also released numerous DVDs featuring his hilarious routines, including:
“On the Loose” – a four-volume set of close-up magic
“Here I Go Again” – a three volume set of card magic
“Malone Meets Marlo” – a six-volume set featuring material from Malone’s mentor Ed Marlo

National Television appearances include these prime time specials:
NBC’s “World’s Greatest Magic”
ABC’s “Champions of Magic” hosted by Princess Stephanie of Monaco
NBC’s “Hidden Secrets of Magic”
NBC’s “World’s Wildest Magic”
As well as three appearances on ABC’s “Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous”
His latest project was a major acting role in NCIS Los Angeles on CBS 10/27/14

He is married to the love of his life, Barbara, and has three sons: Jeff, Rick and Tom.

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