Walter Gibson – Seven Circles (all 5 Volumes)


Seven Circles (all 5 Volumes) by Walter Gibson

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This product bundle includes 5 items:

  • Seven Circles Volume 1 (April 1931 – September 1931)
  • Seven Circles Volume 2 (October 1931 – March 1932)
  • Seven Circles Volume 3 (April 1932 – September 1932)
  • Seven Circles Volume 4 (October 1932 – December 1933)
  • Seven Circles Volume 5 (January 1934 – June 1934)

This magazine has a double purpose, as a perusal of its pages will show. First, it is a desire to give magicians a worth-while, readable publication, filled with items of value and interest. Second, it is definitely the magazine of a new organization – The International Magic Circle.

It is the editor’s duty to produce a magazine that will be recognized as the best of all periodicals pertaining to the mystic art. There is only one basis of true excellence. That is quality. Good, useful material; clear, understandable illustrations: interesting, readable articles and notations are the real standard.