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“This is the easiest review ever: it’s brilliant, buy it! No gaffs (just an ordinary coin, borrowed if you like), no ‘moves’, controls or glimpses and easy to learn. I had it down within a dozen tries. Your movements as you toss and catch the coin look 100% natural and yet the audience or participant guesses right every single time. No wonder it fooled Penn and Teller.”Mark Elsdon

Perfectly control the flip of a coin with no false moves, no gimmicks, no hesitation, and perfect accuracy. This effect was so fooling, that after it flummoxed Penn & Teller on Fool Us, they immediately put it into their live show. Use an ordinary coin to control the outcome of everything. This is Flip by Wes Iseli.

Flip is a utility move created by nationally touring magician Wes Iseli that allows for the perfect control of a fairly flipped coin under any circumstances. The coin doesn’t secretly wobble, you don’t have to count the rotations in the air, and you can instantly control whether the coin is displayed on the heads or tails side. Best of all, there are no switches. You can perform this miracle with borrowed international currency anywhere and any time.

When you purchase Flip you get detailed instructions on the colossal stage routine Wes Iseli used to fool Penn & Teller on their hit TV show. Wes also shares additional presentations he uses in his professional work to perfectly predict the outcome of a series of coin flips called by the spectator. This routine is perfect for the working magician or mentalist who needs something that is bullet proof and can be performed close up. The secret is easy to do, and you’ll master it within minutes of learning the secret. Only shared with a handful of top pros before this, now Wes Iseli is sharing this secret with you for the very first time. Don’t leave a coin flip to chance ever again with Flip by Wes Iseli.